b'news!SEMA is not cheap, and Las Vegas, in general, is not a place you go to get discounted anything.It looks like the tourist industry is look-ing to make up for lost time during the pandemic, because from food to lodging, and everything in between, it is astronomically expensive now!Parking near the Las Vegas Convention Center is now $60 a day!Flights into Vegas dont seem to be any better, and real estate to set up at SEMA is more costly than ever.So, the Big Two made the decision this year to pull out of the largest high performance show in the world.Im not sure how much to read into that, but one cant help but think Ford and GM are not looking at high per-formance, or even customization, as being a major factor in their future business plan.If thats true, then this is a major shift in auto-motive market trends that would be a major disruption to the aftermarket parts industry; perhaps even more so than the rapid conver-sion to all-electric vehicles.Keep in mind, SEMA is as much of a showcase for custom trucks and off-road vehicles as it is for cars, so the thought that there was a lack of inter-estgoingforwardinpersonalizingthose types of vehicles is crazy to me, even consid-ering many of them are going electric.I think this shows how taxing this resource shift toward all-electric vehicles is going to be on the big car companies.What Tesla has achieved is no nickel trick, and what manywww.moparcollectorsguide.com13'