b'to the great consolidation of business-es that make up the automotive after-market business today.Those consol-idations were one of the major nails in the coffin for the magazine business. I went into the 2021 SEMA show men-tallyjudgingitagainstwhatIhad experienced in 2008.I must say I was pleasantlysurprisedthatwhatI walked into was a night and day differ-ence.UnlikeintheGreat Recession,whentheeconomyjust stopped working, the Covid lockdowns of2020didntdeterpeoplefrom spendingmoney.Ifanything,it focused them to dig into long dormant projects, and hobby cars were high on that list.Now there were a number of factors that drove that, but the bottom linewaspeopleintheautomotive aftermarket at SEMA 2021 were very optimisticaboutthefuture.Itwas morethanjustbeinghappytobe back.Companieswerebullish,and not afraid to back that up with market-ing dollars.Unlike in 2008, when gov-ernment subsidies were only given to thebigbanks,PPPandERChave given many companies the shot in bal-16MOPAR COLLECTORS GUIDE'