b'PerformanceproductsalongwithJeepand Ramgoodieswiththeexceptionofanew Hemi-transplanted 1970 Challenger T/A and 1971 Cuda built by the Graveyard Carz guys.Having Mopar Performance in one hall and Direct Connection in another was a bit confus-ing.Rather than having one centralized gath-ering spot that all of the Mopar faithful could congregate, like usual, it almost seemed as if Mopar people were unsure as to where they were supposed to go; the Dodge display or the Mopar display? 2022SEMAwastheyearofthe Duster/Demon,withahalfdozenorsoof these A-bodies in and around.The two most significantwerethatofSuperStockracer RonaldLylesandEdHamburger.Ed Hamburger debuted a prototype fluid drive supercharger for small block Mopars that was quite interesting.The Mopar that got the most attention, thanks to its placement out front, was a sinister black custom 1970 Super Bee with a dual turbocharged Gen III Hemi under the hood.Speaking of sinister black Mopars, comedian and actor, Keven Hart had his cus-tom 69 Road Runner present and it was a show stopper!It was perfection in form and function, without loosing its original heritage looks. Arguably,justasniceofacustom build, was a gold-and-white Dodge A100 van built by Goolsby Customs.EXoMod debuted a new C68 Charger build with some upgrades, and a slick coat of Purple paint. They told me there is only 1 car left to build to your specifi-cations. If you want to get one of these the time is now!MytakeawayfromSEMA2022 was that this wasnt the year of the latest and greatest innovations, but rather, the year that companies would begin to get their supply chainsworkedouttopre-pandemiclevels. Thats a welcome thought to thousands of car building shops, whose bottom lines have been literally held hostage due to the lack of parts needed to complete jobs and it could be the saving grace needed for an upcoming project-ed down economy year.If youd like to see more 2022 SEMA coverage, after youre done reading this issue, make sure to check out my on-the-sceneshowreportnowplayingon MoprTv on YouTube.X www.moparcollectorsguide.com 17'