b'old school Hemis made to hide elec-tric motors in your hot rod!I wouldnt goasfarascallingelectricengine swaps an emerging trend at this time, ratherananomaly.Icantimagine electric motor swaps becoming main-stream for quite some time.Want to really feel old?Out of all of the classic Mopars shown at SEMA this year, I bettherewerentmorethantwoor three, in total, that were not running New Gen Hemis! At the beginning of this arti-cle, I touched on the economic crash of 2008.For a solid eight years run-ning up to that time, the hot rod and collectorcarmarketwereonfire, seemingly with no limits and no end in sight.Moneywasnoobject. Weekendracerswerebuyingthirty thousand dollar engines and pro-style stacker trailers to haul their cars in.Eachconsecutiveauctionsawnew recordpricesbeingspent,andwe sold more magazines and advertising than we ever thought possible.As far as Im concerned, 2002 through 2008 were the heydays of the hot rod and collector car business in my lifetime.The catalyst for that boon market was tragedy.On September 11, 2001, two planeshittheWorldTradeCenter towers in New York and America got a wakeup call that morning of our vul-nerability.Foracoupleofweeks, commerce in the United States came to a screeching halt, and those of us 22 MOPAR COLLECTORS GUIDE'