b'inbusinesswereveryunclearof what the future held for our endeav-ors.While completely different, early in 2020, commerce was again shut-down for several weeks, and much longer for others, because of Covid-19.Businessownerswereonce again unclear about what the future held.9/11, along with the running up of housing prices, sparked an unex-pected boon.From 2002 until 2008, itwashardnottomakemoney. America was drunk on home equity loans and spent money like drunken sailors until the credit ran out.Now, in 2022, I see similar parallels that I believe could be setting the hot rod andcollectorcarmarketupfor anothersuchrun.Housingvalues are at an all-time high, and interest ratesareathistoricallowsonce again, creating a situation where its easy for people to pull equity out of their houses.Add that to the stock market being up, and its not hard to imaginealotofcashenteringthe marketplacein2022.Thenext barometer into the future to keep an eye on will be the January collector car auctions, and of course, whatev-er the outcome, youll read all about it here in MCG. Live life,stay safe, and until next month, Ill see you on MoprTv on YouTube! www.moparcollectorsguide.com25'