b'muchthatsbeendonetothecar. But, just for the grins of it, well start with the engine bay.As you can see, Steve and his crew did their normal jobofmakingeverythingultra-sani-tary and hiding all the wiring, resulting in an engine bay that looks too good to be truesomething of his calling card.TheoriginalSlantSixdidnt exactlyfitintothegrandschemeof things, so it was replaced by an Ed Pink 360 small block that was bored out, fitted with a stroker kit, and it now displaces 408 with a Holley termina-tor X throttle body up top.TTI head-ers move the exhaust gasses out to the stainless exhaust system and, if youlookdeepdowninthere,youll see a Vintage Auto Air a/c compressor on the low end of the motor (more on that later).Theres a Ron Davis cus-tom-built aluminum radiator up front to keep things cool, but whats really get- build. ARoadRunner AirGrabberthing youre looking at with this hood tingyourattentionisthatfresh-airhoodisawholelotbiggerthanawas hand-made by Rick!From the hood setup, which we need to informScamp hood, so just cutting the cen- factory-likebracingunderneath,to you, turned into a far bigger affair thanter bulge off and tacking it onto thethe entire Air Grabber box, the con-SteveeverimaginedwhenhedrewScamp hood was out of the question,trolleversandcablesinside,the the sketches of the car.because it was just too big, and noth- mounts,brackets,andeverything Initially,matinga70Roading lined up like it needed to.Afterelse.To get the Air Grabber scoop Runner or Air Grabber hood to a stockrealizingthiswasgoingtobealotand box to line up with the engines 72Scamphooddidntseemlikeitbiggerjobthanhedanticipated,position and height, a Road Runner would be a big deal, but it turned outSteve enlisted the help of fabricationhood was cut into six pieces and the tobethemostlaborintensive(andwizardRickLefevertomaketheskin was trimmed down and cut down expensive) single aspect in the entirehood hed drawn up.Literally, every- www.moparcollectorsguide.com29'