b'69 maroon interior in it and, of course, Robin wanted to stick with the 70 interi-or and he wanted it in bright red.The big problem with that was the 70 Chargers didntcomewithredinteriorsasan option!Hegotholdoftheguysat Legendary, told them what he wanted to do, and for an extra $200, they made him a new set of seat covers, door panels, and headliner,allinglowingredvinyland done up in the original Charger pattern.Most people never realize that you could-nt order a 70 Charger with a red interior (we didnt), but thanks to Legendary and Robins insistence, we think youll agree itlooksfantastic,andDodgereally shouldhaveofferedthisasafactory option. When it came to wheels and tires, he knew he didnt want the stock steelies or Road Wheels, so he lucked into a set of like-newKeystoneTorq-Thrustmags that are vintage perfect for the car, with 15x9s out back and 15x7s up front, all shod with meaty Hoosier raised white let-ter tires that were discontinued right after he bought them years ago!Hed bought the tires probably ten or fifteen years ago for the Charger, and luckily, since theyd been on a shelf in the garage, theyre still like brand-new.Then, theres the little matter of the engine. While the original 383 was good enough for scooting about, Robin wanted something a bit more serious.He put the 383 and original tranny off to the side in his garage and turned to his friend, Chuck 30 MOPAR COLLECTORS GUIDE'