b'T hereoncewasaworld where you could show a prettygirlsasshanging out of a pair of shorts and nobody got their feelings hurt by it.You could even write insinuating text about the pretty girlsass,andagain,nobody got upset about it.Times were simplerthen,peoplewere more honest, and we wish we could roll the clock back, but thenagain,doesntevery-body? Our case in point this month is this extremely inter-estingadvertisementfrom good old Simoniz car wax; a companythathadbeenan Americaninstitutionsince the 1920s.Here we see a trio of pretty girls with a gor-geous1972Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus (actu-allyaprettyscarcecar), andwhilenoneofthem have a lot of clothes on, the one standing up is doing an exceptionally good piece of acting.And,asthead copysays,WithSimoniz Pre-soft you get more of what you shined your car up for.The closing actu-allysays,Moretimeto swing.Because the less timeyouspendshining yourcar,themoretime youcanspenddoing what you shined your car up for.Nothing sugges-tive about any of that, eh?And yet,Plymouthisalreadyfour-years-old,to make the point that even an older its true, and back then, nobody caredanditsstillwearingitsstock14car could still look new with their wax ifyouactuallyspokethetruth,andRoadWheelsandskinnywhitewall who knows?All we know is appar-people didnt mind that sex actuallytiresanditlooksbrand-new!Theently we used the wrong kind of wax sold products.Whats really curiousdecked out car sports a canopy roofback in the late seventies, because about this advertisement, however, isandbucketseatinterior,andsheswe never had babes like this sitting that this ran in the May 1976 issue ofprobablyrockinga383undertheon our cars when we were teenagers.HotRodMagazinesothathood,andperhapsSimonizwantedOh wellXwww.moparcollectorsguide.com33'