b"to the fossil era, and drawing a straight line between our activities in the North Sea and the Climate Act's goal of climate neutrality in 2050, climate minister, Dan Jergensen, said in a statement.Next up in the parade is Belize.To protect its fragile coral reefs, in 2018, Belize passed legislation to end oil explorationandextractioninallofits waters.The Belize Barrier Reef is the sec-ond largest in the world, after Australias, andishometoaround1,400different speciesofmarinelife.Thisthreatened ecosystem is home to endangered hawks-billturtles,dolphins,spottedeaglerays, and six threatened species of shark.An oil 440 Source 775-883-25906Legendary Auto Interiors 800-363-88047 spillhereorinthesurroundingwaters 521 Restoration 970-227-0588 81Magnum Auto Restoration 815-220-8081 61 would have catastrophic consequences for A & A Transmissions 317-831-561057Mancini Racing 800-843-282113 this vital habitat - and the tourism industry ABC Moparts 928-692-7689 54Mega Parts 608-452-2045 57 that supports half of the countrys popula-Accurate LTD 541-672-2661 25Metro Rubber/ Just Mopar877-272-527539 tion.Though the country was only produc-Aerohead Racing 317-862-37248-9Mopars @ the Rock 910-582-340072 ing around 3,000 barrels of oil a day, this AMS Obsolete 706-337-460642Moser Engineering 260-726-2060 93 was a win both for the diverse sea life the Auto Metal Direct 866-684-492785Mr. Moparts 623-975-7053.24 reefsupports,andenvironmentalgroups Borgeson Universal 60-482-8283 89Murray B Park 419-448-029355 who had been lobbying the government for Brevard Alzheimer 321-253-4430 96NOS Only 860-213-0791 38 a ban since 2006.Then comes Spain. Chet's 401-397-1825 60Passon Performance 570-401-8949 95 A decade after environmentalists Chicagoland N/A 44Phoenix Graphix 800-941-4550 89 first called for it, Spain approved a climate Clark Classic Restoration 252-758-6400 87PST 877-224-1710 100 law in May 2021 that will put an end to the Classic Industries 866-586-163067QA1 952-985-5675 22 production of fossil fuels across all of its Dante's Mopar Parts 609-332-419479Quanta Restoration 800-235-878838, 56 territoriesby2042.Thecountrylags ECS Automotive Concepts1-855-532-7846 17R/T Specialties 570-388-1082 23 behindotherEuropeannationswhenit Evans, Bill & Rose 814-864-262244Retro Radio 717-367-142854 comes to emissions reduction targets, and GCAR Plastic Grille 509-238-496742RJ Cars, Inc 888-324-8325 15 campaigners hope the new law is a step in Gear Vendors, Inc 800-999-9555 29Rob's Rod Shop LLC 484-693-0640 38 the right direction.The ruling bans all new Glen-Ray Radiators 800-537-377541Roseville Moparts 586-859-261370 coal, gas and oil exploration with immedi-HolleyN/A2,21Special T's Unlimited 847-255-5494 56 ate effect, as well as enshrining in law the Hydro-E-Lectric 800-343-426144Springs 'N Things 800-903-9019 56 prohibition of fossil fuel vehicles by 2040, Indy Cylinder Heads 317-862-37248-9Steer & Gear 800-253-4327 61 and a goal to generate 74% of the countrys Indy Trade Show 937-708-8563.34Stephens Performance 888-4MOPARONLY18 electricity from renewable energy by 2030.Inline Tube 800-385-945248Strange Engineering 847-663-1701 99 Spain has a climate law on which to build a Instrument Specialties 401-267-005551Summit Racing 330-633-255532 green,sustainable,fairandprosperous Irv Bishko Auto Books 800-544-3312 51Tony's Parts 302-398-0821 77 future for all.For the planet, for our future J & J Cars & Parts 904-964-503955Tube Technologies 951-371-4878 58 and for the next generations.From today, Joe Suchy 770-964-444154US Car Tool 919-855-8200 86 Spain has a climate law on which to build a Kramer Automotive 724-285-5566 37Wildcat Auto Wrecking 503-668-7786 61 green,sustainable,fair,andprosperous LA Mopar Nats 318-840-507360Year One 800-932-766331 futureforall,PrimeMinisterPedro Sanchez tweeted after the vote was passedLayson's Restorations 877-930-408815 in May.Then, Ireland.Earlierthisyear,Irelandintro-duced legislation to ban licenses for new oil and gas exploration.The decision we have made today to legislate for a ban on newoilexplorationandextractionwill sendapowerfulmessage,withinIreland and internationally, that Ireland is movingwww.moparcollectorsguide.com 65"