b'puttogetheragorgeousstainless steel exhaust system for the car, and as the parts went on, everybody got moreandmoreexcitedthatthey could actually get this thing done and beat the buzzer since they were up against a hard deadline to get the car done for its unveiling and presenta-tionattheMATSshowinVegas. Steve Cutler did his usual fantastic job of detailing every little thing, topbetter than it ever has in its life, theythis show stopper was the somewhat andbottom,toabsoluteperfection,yanked the car cover off in front of theraggedyoldconvertibletheydlast the updated versions of the MagnumentireAdamsfamily,thenCourtneyseen years ago, and yes, more than a 500wheelswenton,andwithjustlet the cat out of the bag that not onlyfew laps were made around the track daystospare,theconvertiblewaswas it their old car, but, theyd rebuiltat Vegas with pretty much everybody aboardthetrailerheadingtowardsit specifically to be presented to Lukegetting a chance to have a ride. After Las Vegas and more television cam- Adams,whosstillateenagermindthat, it was back to the shop to work a eras. you,andneedlesstosay,theboyfew little last minute bugs out, then it With Courtney looking sharpwas blown away! was off to Luke Adams for good, who as ever, and the convertible lookingThe family was stunned thatwehopeandprayisenjoyingthe 80MOPAR COLLECTORS GUIDE'