b'remains something of a mystery, as there really wasnt a whole lot wrong with it.Therewassomeminorrusthereand there, and it had obviously been wrecked allalongthepassengerssideatsome pointandratherpoorlyrepairedand repainted.Theoriginal383wasstill any attention in car magazines, but Davewant for it!came the answer.We know,there and had been severely abused.knewthathoodlookedlikesomethingmakes sense, right?Cant get what youBeingseventeen,Davesgoal the factory had done and hed never seenwantsosendittothecrusherandgetwas to get the car on the road and start one before, so he quickly turned around. nothing,makesperfectsense.using it as his daily driver before he grad- A quick look revealed the car in the brushCautiously, Dave asked him how muchuated high school, so he spent a lot of was a 71 Cuda as he could see the grillehe wanted for the car and the man coarse- nights working in the garage, and were peeking out, and there was a big blacklyreplied$400.DaveandTomwerepleased to say he met his goal with time bulge on top of the engine that lookedstunned.Fourhundredbucks?Daveto spare.His senior year, the car was run-like a hood scoop.Hed seen these thingssmiled at the older man and assured himning and driving again, hed painted the on Pontiac Trans Ams before, but neverhed be right back.The boys went backwhole car white by himself, slapped on on a Cuda, but he realized, even as ahome,andreturnedasquicklyastheysome fat tires and mags, and he drove it teenager, that whatever this was, the fac- could and presented the older guy withto school and drove it back and forth to tory had done it.He knocked on the doorthe money.His attitude changed, and tohisgraduationceremony.Oneofthe and a rather gruff older gent answered. Daves surprise, he had a valid title andmore vivid memories from that era was When he asked about the Cuda sitting inregistration for the Cuda, handing overhis shop teacher encouraging him to do a the weeds, the old man snorted, That carthe paperwork on the spot.The next day,burnout in front of the school, much to aintgoingnowherebutthecrusher!the boys were back to drag the 71 fromthe delight of his classmates!The seven-Obviously,thatwasaratherstunningits resting place and haul it home.tiescameandwent,givingwaytothe answer, and Dave naturally asked why. Exactlywhythecarhadbeenearlyeighties.WhiletheCudawas BecausenobodywillpaymewhatIshoved off into the grass and abandoned 84MOPAR COLLECTORS GUIDE'