b'new and Daves name and contact info was on the paperwork!Once again, Dave was stunned, but not as stunned as he was about to be.He told the guy he owned the car, a briefdescriptionseemedtoconfirmthey were talking about the same vehicle, and then came the big M. Night Shyamalan plot twist. ThemansaidhisnamewasCarl Nuzum.As we said, Daves in the con-struction business and he does a lot of busi-ness with gravel hauling with a company called Nuzum Trucking.When he asked if hewasanyrelationtothefamilythat owned the trucking company, there was a brief pause, and he said, I owned Nuzum Trucking.Dave had been doing business with this man for better than twenty years, and as it turned out, hed bought the Cuda sittinginhisgaragebackwhenitwas brand-new!Obviously, they both got quite a kick out of that! As the story unfolded, the entire Cudathinghappenedbecausehisson, Randall,wanteda426Cudaforhis graduation present in 1971.Being a suc-cessful guy and a good dad, and knowing nothing about cars, Carl was happy to com-plywiththat,andtheystartedsearching dealerships all over the place and couldnt find one of these things.Their searching brought them into Southern Pennsylvania, where they eventually landed at a dealer-ship in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.Once again, Carl told the sales manager he was looking for a 426 Cuda.Unlike the pre-vious dealerships, this guy could tell Carl really didnt know what he was asking for, andasRandalllookedaroundtheshow-room, he explained it was a 425 horsepow-er beast that didnt come with a warranty and it wasnt exactly a car hed want to give an eighteen-year-old boy.Not to mention, they were very hard to come by and it took a long time to get one if you ordered one.AllCarlreallyneededtohearwas425 horsepower,andheknewrightawayhe wasnt buying a car like that for his kid!That, in turn, led to, Well, what else do you have? Asitturnedout,thisdealership hadorderedthisEL5BahamaYellow Cuda, presumably as something of a show-room draw tool, and they hadnt had any luck selling it.They ordered this one with the rich-colored paint, a black vinyl top, the black billboard decals, a Shaker hood with the base 383 engine, power steering, but no power brakes, dual painted sport mirrors, awww.moparcollectorsguide.com 87'