b'Rallye instrument panel, the pedal dressinstead, no matter how nice it is, yourethe old wreck were replaced, the engine up kit, a Tuff steering wheel, they optedeither going to love it or hate it.Youngand transmission were gone through by not to get the console for the Pistol GripRandall wasnt exactly thrilled with thelife-long engine builder Junior Davis, an shifterandalso,strangely,wantedacar, so, in late 1972, he traded it in on aall-new Legendary interior was ordered white bucket seat interior, instead of thenew Pontiac Trans Am, and that was theup, and believe it or not, Dave painted expectedblackseating.Itcamewithlast anyone in the family ever saw of thethis thing himself in his garage with PPG roadlamps,hoodpins,andthe15car.Howitcametobesittingintheacrylicenamel,andtrustus,itlooks Rallyewheels,allofwhichmadeitaweeds by 1977, as we said, is somethingamazing.He was adamant he wanted to darned pricey car for a 383-powered 71of a mystery.do the car as OEM perfect as possible, so Cuda.For reasons unknown, they didntAllthisleftDaveverymuchTed Stephens, in addition to supplying a orderthefrontorrearspoilers,whichinspired, but again, he still had pressinglot of parts for the restoration, allowed given everything else they shoved ontofamily and business matters to attend to,Dave to take a boatload of detail photos thecar,doesntseemtomakemuchso the car had to wait until 2016 whenof Teds survivor 71 Cuda that was then sense.Regardless, the car was built onDavedecideditwaslongpasttimetoin Floyd Garretts Muscle Car Museum September17,1970,andwhenCarlgivethecartherestorationitdeservedin Tennessee.Dave photographed every-bought it for his son, Randall, it was latewhile Carl was still around to see it (hething,everywhere,hadallthephotos January of 1971, so the car had been sit- was ninety-two then).So, Dave tore intoblown up to 8x10s, and used those, along ting there for almost four months.the Cuda with elbows flying and a tenac- withthecarssurvivingoriginalear-Predictably,ifyouwantaityseldomequaledinthehobby. Themarks, to put it back exactly like it was Hemicudaandyougeta383Cudadamagedquarterandsheetmetalfromwhen it left the factory.Dave went as far as duplicating a run inside the trunk.He did all the grease pencil marks and paint splotches,allthecrazylittlewiring details thatll make you nuts, and other thanthevinyltopinstallation,hedid everything himself in his garage. Eighteenmonthsafterstarting, the project was finished, and Dave got on thehornwithCarlsotherson,Roger, who he knew better through his business, and it was Roger who went out of his way tomakethegrandreunionoccur. Randall, Roger, and Carl drove down to see the Cuda, and there they all stood in Daves driveway, looking at the car that'