b'theyd not seen since 1972.Tons of pho-tos were taken, and then Carl whipped out the big surprisehe still had the original sales invoice from buying the car new, and presented it to Dave.Obviously, it was a spectacularreunionand,thankfully,it occurredwhenitdid,asCarlNuzum passed away a couple of years later. Sincethen,Davesbeenactive showingthecar,primarilyatAACA (Antique AutoClubof America)shows. The car has won its AACA Senior award (which means back-to-back perfect scores at two separate shows), and next year hes hoping to get his Grand National award.After that, perhaps, hell start driving it a bitmore,asadmittedly,hehasntbeen driving it much because of how over-the-top the restoration is and how hesitant he is to mess anything up!As soon as hes accomplishedallhisshowgoals,Dave plans on reliving some of his high school memories with the car as well, and, he will stay in touch with both Roger and Randall Nuzum. So, from a humble beginning to a humble ending, it all goes to prove what a truly small world we live in, and thankful-lyforthewholehobby,DaveSpevock decided to take the road less traveled on that trip to his grandmothers house back in 1977!It wouldve been a crying shame ifthisgorgeousCudahadgonetothe scrapper for want of only $400! SpecialthankstoTony DAgostinowithTonysParts,Barry KniceleywithColours,Incand GarryRhoderickwithGarrysAuto Upholstery. X www.moparcollectorsguide.com89'