b'A fter each auction action report we filed, readersinstallment met or exceeded the 24-month rolling aver-would comment about how these prices are aage.Many established new five year highs by a wide flukeandthattheycantlast.Whatmanymargin.The dam busting established a new waterline judged as a bubble of pent-up demand boundthat most probably will continue to rise in 2022.It was to burst early in 2021 has proven to be a floodeasier to choose which cars to feature here this issue, of new money entering the Mopar market.Most collectorsbecause, despite a full calendar of auction events, there tell us that theyre limited by garage space, not cash flow. were only a few good cars we had to leave out for lack of Whilesidelinesittershavebeenclutchingtheirpearls,space.The only thing harder to find than open floor space waiting for a short-term market correction, others haveare investment quality cars worthy of purchase.Lets drill beenbuildingbiggercarbarnsandnewMoparstofilldown into the details to see which makes and models are them with.Every no-excuses car we covered in thisleading the charge into the 2022 January auction season.1970 Cuda V-Code 440+6s considered, even for an automatic, $88,000 felt like a bargain at a sleepy mid-summer auction, put together with equal haste.I n 2021, we saw multi-carbureted Cudas gain new ground. LetterHeres another automatic V-code, known as The Red The 24-month rolling average is $88,038 while the five-year high was reset twice this year.The first time was inCar; a high-option dealer demonstrator that held the June, when one sold for $115,500, eclipsing the previous recordfive-year-high record for four short months this year when it of $110,000 set in January, 2018. soldfor$115,500.Inadditiontobeingconcoursrotisserie If this 1970 Plymouth Cuda V-code, finished in mouthrestored, it was also a case study in proper auction prep.The watering Hemi Orange over a white interior selling for $88,000car had documentation for days, spelling out the cars history at Mecums Orlando Summer Special auction represents theaverage, then the bar has been raised for the entire spectrum.This car was by no means perfect. Yes, the tires were incorrect, but the dog dish hubcaps and color-keyed steelies shod with fat black rubber made the whole car look mean.Yet, the overall impression the car gave after that first impression was a let-andprovenance;proofofitsoriginality,andallwasfirmly established by four binders of factory documentation, owner history, and reports from independent experts.It has a Rimblow steering wheel, leather seats, 8-track player complete with the Best of Bread tape in it!Thirty-seven factory options, two window stickers, two fender tags!For the collector who wants it all, they would certainly want this car.Our takeaway, it was down.It was an older neglected restoration subjected to a hastywell worth the $115,500 it took to own it. refresh.The paint was gorgeous, freshly buffed, and polished. The third automatic V-code Cuda we covered, and the The rest felt shop worn and ignored.The Shaker bubble wascurrentfive-yearhightitleholder,earning$165,000,were greasy and littered with debris, like someone dropped a shopbeginning to think that the Slap Stik 727 isnt the apologetic rag on the floor then coated it with Armor-All - tragic.The car- qualifier it once was.While the restoration was certainly over-pets were dirty, the rear seat skins scuffed.Even the catalogthe-top, complete with fully painted and polished body color description was limited to a few bullet points.As a buyer, Ifloor pans, it just didnt have the snap of the Red Letter Car.would think, Seems like they didnt care about this one, whyTrue, it is an Elastomeric bumper car, front and rear, but it was should I?As an opportunity seeker, Id verify the numbers,more plain in comparison to the red car which sold in June at and check the property room to see what documentation exist- Tulsa.Id rather pay record money for a rear wing and leather ed, since none was mentioned in in the description.All thingsseats than I would a rear luggage rack and a standard steering 90MOPAR COLLECTORS GUIDE'