b'original broadcast sheet, a rotisserie restoration documented by detailed photos, and a solid presentation at the auction.While nearly, but not quite, as crisp as the Red Letter V-code, small block six-barrel was certainly more basic.The fact that it out-performed the big block car at the same event reinforced the fever collectors now have for AARs.$132,000 is a huge num-ber for an AAR Cuda, even of this quality, without something else being special about it, such as a rare high-impact color, unusual interior, or special appearance options like elastomeric wheel.This is where timing and venue become important.Thebumpers.This seller hit it out of the park!marketmomentuminthefourmonthsbetweenTulsaandMecum Monterey was not the auction to bring muscle Chattanooga was exponential.Chattanooga is also more centralcars to.Its known for golf course lawns littered with prewar to a higher density of the population.With increased competi- cars and concours events cluttered with ostentatious exotics.It tion comes greater sale prices.We think that $165,000 is com- is a measuring contest for people who dont like to drive their parativelyappropriatetoasimilarHemiequippedcar-thecars.But, when youre an auction house whose brand is built prices for these two seem switched.It was well sold, but a biton muscle cars, youre left with little else to showcase.The overbought.Also,buyinganinvestmentqualityCuda equipped with an automatic transmission is no longer some-thing people get hung up about. 24-month Average:$88,0385 Year High: $165,000Conclusion: In my opinion, the Red Letter Cuda, was the best buy of the bunch.result is usually some bargain buys for decent Mopars.People 1970 Plymouth AAR Cudas on the west coast are well-heeled and like to buy the best as T he record high was paid in January of 2017 for an Otisthey understand it.So, even at $88,000, underperforming the Chandlercollectioncar,formerlyownedbyCarlos24-month average by 10%, that number doesnt really reflect on Monteverde.In addition to coming out of two prestigiousthe quality of the car.The catalog description was written for collections, that car was the highest optioned AAR known toan anticipated buyer who is obviously ignorant of what an AAR exist. AswithmanycarsoncepartoftheMr.Chandlersis nor the history surrounding the marque.The car itself pres-Vintage Collection of Transportation and Wildlife, this recordents well, correct appearing and relatively fresh.The vinyl roof will be difficult to eclipse.A car will not only have to contendandfrontelastomericbumper,incombinationwiththe withthevehiclessignificance,butalsothelegacythatMr.Organisol hood, make this red AAR look tough.The only pos-Chandler left behind.Remarkably though, the high dollars paidsibleshortcomingcontributingtoalowsalepricewasthe this year at auction compares more to the high averages paid forabsenceoforiginalfactorydocumentation.Withsomany investment quality AARs in private sales.Ive personally han- options expressed on original fender tags, no sheet is usually no dled several deals north of the $132,000, captured in Tulsa, andproblem.In fact, most Los Angeles produced cars never left the none as low as the $88,000 paid in Monterey.Regardless of thefactory with a broadcast sheet.Our take, it was a well bought merits of these two featured lots, AARs are white hot this yearmuscle car at caviar and champagne event. and given the volume of expressed demand, that trend is poised to continue through 2022.24 Month Average:$93,177All the fundamentals appeared to be present on this car24 Month High:$132,000sold at Mecum in Tulsa; a numbers matching drivetrain, the5 Year High:$195,000 Conclusion:The Red AAR sold at Monterey was the better buy. 19681970 Dodge Charger R/TsH igh quality Chargers and other B-bodies were hard to find at the auctions this year, no matter the engine option.This 440 Charger R/T at Mecum Orlando showed thir-teenmilesontheodometer,whichwetooktomeansincewww.moparcollectorsguide.com91'