b'the goodies most collectors are looking for.Its an automatic, lacking a Shaker hood, and apparently, there was no factory paperwork.On the plus side, even as a 727 Slap Stik car, it was optioned with the venerated 4.10 Dana 60 Super Performance restored.Thiscarwasassanitaryasanoperatingroom! Turquoise over white is a favorite of ours in a 68.Being a 440 Magnum-powered automatic, we were tempted to think of this as an opportunity for Joe Average to own a concours qualityAxle Package.The catalog copy also claims original fender tag restored car.Most guys who like cars this clean would alsoandnumbersmatching426Hemiengine.Itiscertainlya insist that it was also born with a Hemi between the fenders. restored car and seems to be done right.A close examination of Well, we were wrong, and a bit surprised when the gavel fell atthe plated and bare metal parts tells the story of a car that was $110,000.This was a slow show, yet this one sold for 28% overscrewed back together a while ago.The auction estimate was the 24-month average.No mystery here, the car was beautiful. $178,000to$200,000,whichwasoptimisticforMecum It earned a well-deserved dollar. Monterey.While it didnt reach that lofty number, this average cardidbestthe24-monthaverageof$152,350,sellingfor 440 Magnum cars appear to be coming into their own. $165,000. The Hemi market continues to expand, even in an This is one of several four barrel big blocks weve witnessedinhospitable sales environment.pull down a pretty penny.This 70 Charger R/T at Mecum Tulsa in Plum Crazy with a console mounted Pistol Grip was24 Month Average: $152,350certainly a pretty car.Selling at $104,500, it trounced the 24- 5 YearHigh:$660,000(MecumIndianapolis2019,Steven month average while setting a new five-year-high.This was noJulianos sunroof car). trailer queen either.This one was a show pony 10-12 years ago. Dodge Challenger 440 Six PacksH ere we compare similar but polarizingly different cars.They both have their fan clubs, but people have expressed preference for 1970 models even though the 1971 is con-siderablymorerare.Thatdesirabilitygapcomesdownto styling.The rear taillights of the 71, are the biggest sticking point for many collectors.Ironically, the current generation Challenger emulates this very design detail and enjoys wide-spread popularity.Tastes change with the times!Lets see how these two cars, similar in many ways but separated by a model Yes, it was a rotisserie restoration, but an undercarriage inspec- year, stacked up to one another. tion made it clear that someone liked ripping through the gearsOnly 250 440 Six Pack Challenger R/Ts were built in from time to time.Cars were built to drive, so, nothing wrong1971-119wereautomatics,likethisone.Handsomely with that.Authenticity is proven out by an original Fender tagequipped with a Rim Blow steering wheel, Rallye gauges, con-and numbers matching drivetrain, but no more than that. 24 Month Average:$85,7445 Year High:$121,000In Conclusion: 440fourbarrelcars,regardlessofthetransmissiontheyre paired with, are on the rise.If youre willing to settle to save money, youre going to need a bigger bank account. Hemi Challengerssole, Plum Crazy paint, N96 Shaker hood, color-keyed front W e really havent said anything about Challengers yet. and rear bumpers, a white R/T stripe, rear wing, window lou-Well, were about to cover all that Dodge material.Thisvers covering the backlight, it is a gorgeous car.The catalog SublimeHemicarwasoneoftheveryfew426- language leads one to believe that most of the features con-equipped E-bodies on the auction scene even worth discussing. tributing to its gotta have it factor were added during the High-impact paint aside, this Challenger R/T doesnt have allrestorationandwerenotfactoryoriginal.Thatstoobad, 92MOPAR COLLECTORS GUIDE'