b'because if this were a factory Shaker hood/rubber bumper/lou- ed enough positive attention to sell just shy of $100,000, or 25% ver car, which would certainly explain the monster money itmore than the 24-month rolling average. earned.It makes us wonder if the buyer read the description carefullyordecodedthebroadcastsheetbeforebidding.24 Month Average: $76,460 Regardless, someone paid the money, so the benchmark was5 Year High:$143,000 made - a new five-year high at $143,000! In Conclusion: We really havent covered many Barrett Jackson lotsWhileitsstillnotanapples-to-applescomparison in this review because there werent many high quality OE orig- with these examples, you can see a parity in the market between inal cars running through Barretts tents this year.This 71 V- 70 and 71 Six Packs by looking at their 24-month averages code which sold at their Houston event is one exception.Thisand their five-year high records.They are each within a few carisalsoFC7PlumCrazy,alsoanautomatic,andbyallgrand of each other.The desirability gap has definitely closed. appearances,howthecarwhichsetthenewfive-yearhighwould appear that its restored to exact factory specifications. Wing CarsA year end wrap up would not be complete without touch-ing once again on wing cars.Very few, if any, other than this one, have been offered on the auction block since our last auction market feature.This is good example because its a 440+6 V-code car documented by a broadcast sheet and is TheresnoShaker,nowing,nolouvers,noElastomeric bumpers;itsstillhandsome,andover-the-top,butdoesnt punch you in the eyes. The car is otherwise a solid piece.We featured it in these pages in 2007, and it was one of just twen-ty-fourcarsinvitedtooneofourMoparsatthePlayboy Mansion events.More recently, it earned accolades as recently as2018,duringatthePVConcoursdElegance.$85,800number matching.No one would mistake it for a #1 condition seems punishingly low for a car with this provenance, but it stillcar, its a cleaned-up driver in decent shape.The undercarriage beat the 24-month average by $10,000. Auctions, especially nolooks like its been fogged in body color paint over the factory reserve auctions, are a fickle beast. sound insulation.You can see overspray on the shocks and spring shackles as well.The nose cone looks like it has an Heres where it gets interesting.This 70 is a red overindentation near the drivers side leading edge of the hood - like redcandystriperduetoitswhitetransversebuttstripe.it has been depressed by repeated lifting of the hood in that area.Unlike the two previous offerings, this is a four-speed PistolThe interior is consistent with a well-preserved original or an Grip car.The catalog doesnt volunteer any information aboutolder restoration.This would be a good car to buy, blow apart, the originality of the engine and transmission, but does mentionand redo if you want to return it back to concours shape in six that it is documented by a factory broadcast sheet.The enginemonths or less.While it earned under the rolling average curve, Id still say well sold.This car wouldve gone for far less even if sold earlier this year.Not at all a bad car for $184,250. 24 Month Average:$196,396 5 Year High:$401,500 1970 GTX W e included this one because it came within striking dis-tance of usurping the five-year high of $105,600.It is bay appears stock aside from the modern battery - which if youremarkable because the current record holder is a con-want your car to start reliably, you use in favor of the factorycours award winning piece in the most sought-after color com-original unit.Other concessions to factory stock include BFbination; In-Violet purple over white.The 2009 winner of the Goodrichradialtiresandachromereardifferentialcover.Ultimate Mopar, or Best of Show, at Mopars at the Strip, was These items would usually inspire well-seasoned collectors tonearly undone by this solid, albeit driver quality example.The turn heel and walk away.Concours cars dont commit thesecatalogonthisredoverblackfour-speedreadsrotisserie faux pas, no matter the rationale.That said, the car still attract- restored, but the mission of that build was not OEM perfection.94MOPAR COLLECTORS GUIDE'