b'A s we type this on the eve of themistakes helped power the Wests growth. forNorth Americaand17%forEurope. mid-term elections, our strategicSowhynotours?ThatsthequestionMeanwhile,Africasufferssomeofthe petroleumreservecontinuestobeing asked by many poorer countries withworsteffectsoftheclimatecrisis. get tapped by Papa Joe to try andnewlydiscoveredenergyresourcesinResearchbyIbrahimsownfoundation keep gasoline prices down whileAfrica and beyond.The Wests attempts toshowsthatclimate-relatedeffectscould hes begging countries overseas to ramp upfind alternatives to Russian oil have onlypush an additional 39.7 million people in theiroilproductionsowecanbuyitmadethisdebatemoreurgent,asthesub-Saharan Africaintoextremepoverty instead of just pumping our own oil out ofUkraineWarforceseveryone-richandby 2030.This as, continent-wide, temper-the ground.It makes as much sense as apoor - to rethink the costs and benefits ofaturesinAfricaincreasefasterthanthe circular firing squad, but thats the worldexploitingfossilresourcesastheplanetglobal average.As a result, up to 86 mil-we live in.If youve read this book for anywarms.lion Africans could be displaced from their length of time, you already know we dontIndeed,therealityofclimatehomes and forced to move to new commu-see any need to switch away from fossilchange is already setting in with horrificnities within their own countries by 2050, fuels, we dont believe in man-made cli- effect[s], triggering crushing droughts andaccording to a recent World Bank analysis. mate change, and we dont believe in thedevastatingfloodsacrossAfricaandAt the same time, the continents toothfairyeither.Wevealsocitedbeyond.Its why Kerry, speaking on theneedtogrowanddevelopiscritical. numerousarticlesthathavereportedonsidelines of a summit with African environ- Today,morethan600millionpeople studies that changed everything we werement ministers in Senegal, added that theacross Africa still lack access to electricity.taught about crude oil when we were grow- priority now was to be as green as possi- In per capita terms, sub-Saharan Africa - ing up; it isnt a by-product of decayingble.Help us move forward in a way thatexcluding South Africa - consumes a mere fossils or dinosaurs at all, its a naturallywill not make the problem worse than it180 kWh of power a year.Europe? 6,500 occurring substance thats given off by thealready is, he said.The message soundskWh.Usage in the United States stands heat at the planets core, and as such, itsstraightforward enough.Even if the worldalmost double that, at 13,000 kWh, accord-continuously being made and well neverweretostopemittinggreenhousegasesing to the African Development Bank.Yet, HYPOCRISY ON DISPLAYclimate elitism designed to keep third world countries poorrun out of the stuff.It takes thousands oftomorrow, sea levels would continue to risefrom the point of view of these countries, years to reach the surface, or areas whereandrainforestswouldcontinuetodisap- therichworldofferslectures,whenthe we can access it, but its a never-endingpear,possiblyforcenturies,asGridhasneedofthehour,manysay,isareality crop.Well, lo-and-behold, the stuff is turn- reported.The urgency for action on cli- check.Ibrahim argues for a position adopt-ing up everywhere, and a somewhat left- matechangeisunquestionable.ButtheedbyseveralAfricannations;thatgas leaning news blog called Grid News on theother side of the story was highlighted justshould be treated as a transition fuel.The web had an informative piece about thisdaysbeforeKerrysremarksbyMoidea is that countries heavily dependent on back on October 11, 2022, entitled, FossilIbrahim,thebillionaireSudanese-Britishcoal, the dirtiest of fossil fuels, should at Fuel Discoveries in Poorer Nations couldbusinessman.As is so often the case, theminimum be allowed to exploit less-pollut-unlockaWindfall-buttheyarealsoGlobal North has been applying a doubleingresourcessuchasnaturalgasbefore FanningClimateConcerns,pennedbystandard,Ibrahimwrote.Hispoint,inmovingentirelytorenewablesources. Nikhil Kumar and Alex Leeds Matthews. summary: Its all well and good for theAfricaneedstimeandinvestmentto Now, on the face of it, cheap fuel turningrich world to lecture others on fossil energydevelop a diverse energy mix that includes upinunderprivilegedpartsoftheworld- but what about the needs of poor coun- renewables alongside natural gas - a rela-would seem like a good thing; kinda liketrieswithnewlydiscoveredoilandgastively less-polluting fossil fuel that is abun-food suddenly starting to grow in barrenreserves?While Africa is being discour- dantonthecontinent,Ibrahimsaid. partsofAfrica.But,youdbewrong.aged from using its own energy resourcesWithout this time and investment, It can-These boys lead off with the dire warning,to pursue industrialization, many signato- not achieve its development goals without Dont make mistakes that weve alreadyries to the COP26 agreement (on climateclosing its energy gap. made in the past.Dig into this.change, signed at the last international cli- To be sure, this debate, between Dontmakethemistakesthatmatesummit)continuetoexpandfossil- the imperatives of growth and the global weve already made in the past.That wasfuel use at home, he wrote.push to fight an ever more urgent climate U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry last monthIbrahimandmanyothersalsocrisis,isntlimitedtothe Africanconti-warningresource-rich AfricannationstopointoutthatAfricaaccountsforthenent;countriesfarbeyondaregrappling think twice before investing in long-termworlds smallest share of carbon dioxidewith similar choices.A recent example is fossil fuel projects.But what Kerry callsemissions; around 3% to 4% versus 18%thesmallnationofGuyana,inSouth 56MOPAR COLLECTORS GUIDE'