b'has fallen well short.The goal now is torenewables.The shift to greener sourcesanswer.Wehavediscoveredvillages meet the target by next year.of energy cant happen overnight, he said,undertheBlackSea,provingitwasnt Againstthisbackdrop,manyWe have to be realistic.What this meansalways therewhat caused that?Man-poorer nations are asking how exactly theyfor many, including Hamer, is for wealthymade climate change, of course.The earth can avoid tapping their natural resources. nations to find new ways to provide coun- changesit always has, it always will.GeorgeMasonUniversitysGoldstonetries such as Guyana with the incentive toAgain, we are gnats on an elephants ass said one way forward for many countriesdrive growth, but without drilling into theas far as being able to affect this planets is to develop their fossil energy resources,ground.What they need, Hamer argued, isoverallhealth. Andhere,wehavethe but to do so only for export.If a countrycash - cash to build their domestic indus- elite,wealthy,ruling,largelywhite-has gas reserves and it wants to developtries and to lift their people out of poverty.skinned class, going to Africa and telling them for countries that already have a gasUltimately, Kerry and Ibrahimthem to stay poor, keep on starving, dont infrastructure and need gas, I think thatsare both right.The planet is in peril anddevelopanythingbecausethatwould fine, he said.The problem is when acannot handle new polluters at a momentharm the planetbut well buy all that country develops gas and uses it itself, thatwhen it must drastically cut back on globalold nasty gas and oil from your rich war-usually requires a pipeline infrastructureCO2 emissions.But as a matter of basiclord leaders so you dont have to be both-for power plants and consumers to use thefairness, it is hard to argue with Ibrahimered with it, but dont worry about using it fossil fuel.It is, in many ways, an elegantandothersspeakingforpoorernationsto better yourselves or possibly use it to solution.Therestoftheworldisnotlookingtocapitalizeontheirnaturaldevelop better systems of agriculture so going to get off gas and oil instantly.So ifresources.Why should those who madeyou can feed yourselves and end living in a country wants to get money out of thebillions from the reserves under their soilabject poverty.Oh, and if you dont agree resources that it has, then I think its finebe permitted to stop poorer nations fromto do as we want, well topple your gov-to sell it to existing customers, Goldstonedoing the same, with little or no subsidyernment and install one that will do what explained.Onceyoustartbuildingafor holding back?This is what this debatewewanteverwonderwhysomany domestic economy that depends on oil orboils down to, and it was articulated inAfrican nations are constantly at war with gas or coal, youre looking at 30 years orstarkfashionearlierthismonthbyvethemselvesusingstate-of-the-artsmall 50 years for that capital investment to beBazaiba, the DRCs environment minister. arms when those countries are completely playedout. Anexample,withseveralSpeaking at a pre-COP27 conference, asdecimated by poverty?Anybody remem-caveats,notleastthefactthatitbegantheU.S.waspressuringhercountrytober Somalia?Blackhawk Down?Its the from a position of wealth, of where thisrethink its plans, she underlined the dilem- same thing the Democrats do to the big might lead to comes from the rich world. masheandherpeoplefaced.Inthecities here in the United States except on a Norway is on the one hand a country thatDemocraticRepublicofCongo,three- global scaleyou stay poor and do what hasanalmostentirelyrenewables-basedquartersofthepopulationlivesonlesswesay,orwellcomeinandmakeit domestic electricity system.It also leadsthan $2 a day.As much as we need oxy- worseforyou.Wellpromiseyouthe the world when it comes to switching togen, she said, we also need bread.moon to vote for us and support us and electricvehicles;morethan65%oftheAndthere,inanutshell,yougive us what we want, but dont expect passengercarssoldinNorwayin2021have a global demonstration of Democratanythinginreturn. Andsomehow,this were electric.The country is also, howev- hypocrisy, lies, and laws for thee but notstupiditygoesonandon,decadeafter er, a major oil and gas exporter.In recentfor me which our current leadership indecade, and has since the days of LBJ. months,asEuropeattemptstocutitsWashington has wrapped itself in.Africa,LetAfricadevelopitsoiland dependence on Russian energy supplies,the poorest continent on the planet, is nownaturalgasresourcesandusethemfor Norwayhasseenitsexportsspiraloverloaded with oil and natural gas, anditself to better its own world and stop the upward,somuchso,thatthisyear,theour John Kerry flies over there on a four- endlesscycleofpovertyandstarvation. country expects to earn around $90 billionengine jumbo jet, gets in a caravan of lim- The good Lord above has now given them from its petroleum industry; up more thanousines, and tells them theyre being self- the resources to do just that, and our own $60 billion compared with last year.ish and irresponsible for wanting to usepoliticians,andthemajorpoliticiansof Hamer, from the University ofoil.Then he gets back on the aforemen- Europe, are scared to death that dirt poor Guyana, says the idea is good in theory,tioned jet and flies back across the globe,Africa and its billions of starving people buttheeconomicneedsofmanylow- eating veal and sipping Merlot while thoseshould suddenly have a piece of the pie income countries mean that some devel- he just lectured are fighting over raw pota- that was previously all theirs.Its disgust-opment of fossil fuel resources to servicetoesif theyre lucky.Africa has biggering, and once again, this proves that envi-domesticneedswouldstillberequired.problems than so-called global warmingronmentalism is a sick death cult, its not Norway didnt have such needs when iteven if it did exist.Look at global history. science, its an evil religion.And as long began the transition to greener sources ofAfrica was once a thriving and green placeas guys like John Kerry, Al Gore, and pret-energy.Thisideahasbeendiscussedoverallthe deserts of Egypt were oncety much every Democrat or socialist on (here in Guyana), he told Grid.But therelush with trees and wildlifethe fossilsthe planet can make a buck with it, theyre are also questions about energy security. discoveredoutinallthatsandproveitgoingtokeeppushingthelie.Theyd If we have these resources, and we devel- beyond dispute.So what happened thou- rather see people starve to death and die op a local infrastructure, we are also build- sands of years ago to turn those foreststhan lose their grip on control and, God ing energy security for ourselves for theinto oceans of sand?Man-made globalforbid, slow down their own vast increase transition period as they move toward towarming, of coursethere can be no otherin wealth. 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