b'thewholeefforttobuyitworthwhile right there! Since getting the car to Ohio, Aarons been showing it as much as hecan,cruisingwithit,sparingly, because it still has only 35,800 original milesontheclock.Amazingly,the original numbers matching engine and transmissionarestillinplace,and since it had a rather limited chain of owners,mostofthecarsoriginal paperwork is still with the machine and makesanicedisplayatcarshows. Hopefully,with2021openingupall over the place, Aaron will be able to make up for lost time from last year and make it to more events this sea-son.Notonlydoeshehavewhats likelyaone-of-oneearlyproduction Hemi hardtop, hes got the full history on this one going back to the day it was ordered new, including the bill of sale from the dealership!If youre a Hemi B-body guy, we dont have to tell you, things dont get a whole lot better than a double whammy like this.The Brow may be a long way from where shestarted,butshedefinitelyhasa longandpromisingfutureahead good thing Dad sold the car away from Rocky back in 1967, or we probably couldnt say that! X www.moparcollectorsguide.com67'