b'Novemberof2021,when,ofall things,FacebookMarketplaceinter-vened and tossed something into his path he couldnt ignore. Admittedly,Peterdoesnt make a big habit out of checking all the latest trends on Facebook daily, but he happened to open up the page that fateful day, and just for entertain-ment, he looked at the marketplace section to see if there were any inter-esting cars around his area for sale.Much to his surprise, there was this white-and-green1977Coachmen B200Dodgevan,innearbyHurley, New York, and the price looked more thanreasonableforwhathewas looking at in the photos.A phone call dealwiththeindividualmanufactur- agree on everything and all get alonglater,heknewhedhituponsome-ers,andsincetheywerebuyinginwith each other, this group has stoodthing.The seller was a guy named bulk,theyhadalotmoresuccessthe test of time and always will.And,JoeTrapanese,whowasalsoa gettingthingsresolved.Salesthey provide an outstanding supportnative of the Bronx, they knew a lot of exploded and the company was liter- system for their members, all helpingthesamepeople,andJoewasa ally an overnight sensation.By 1968eachotherout,sharinginfoandMopar guy as well with a 71 Road theyacquiredtheVikingBoatparts, and the comradery is naturallyRunner in addition to the van.The Company,andby1972,theywereoff-the-charts.guyshititoffgreat,andPeterwas being traded on the American StockPeter,asitturnsout,wasquickly on his way to check it out.By Exchange and were turning out thou- well-knownintheareaforhisfour- the time he got there a couple of days sands of campers of all kinds everyspeed 68 Formula S Barracuda forlater, Joe had already had thirty offers year.And, in case youre not aware,many years, and after moving out toon the van, including one from a guy theyre one of the largest manufactur- YorktownHeights,wherehestillin San Francisco, who wanted to wire ers of Class A light motorhomes andresides, he had room to diversify andhim the money, buy it sight unseen, campers in the United States to thishave a good many other old Mopars,andhaveitshippedallthewayto day!This is a sterling version of themost of which ended up being B-bod- California!Were guessing you guys great American success story.ies of the Charger and Coronet varia- probablydidntknowtherewasa Meanwhile, over in Brooklyn,tions.And, years ago, he bought ahugedemandforvintagecamper NewYork,wehaveaguynamed77 Dodge B300 American Clipper RVvans,becausequitefrankly,neither Peter Junta, whos never been partic- conversion van, which was a moosedid we, but it makes perfect sense, ularly hung up on the RV companysbuilt on the big one-ton chassis, andgiven how scarce they are and how history,buthesbeenalifelongastheboyisanavidcamper,theexpensive new ones are! Moparfanaticandwasoneofthe440-powered Dodge camper van sawBeingaMoparguyinNew foundingmembersoftheexclusiveawholelotofuseallovertheYork, Peter knows what to look for in BronxMoparsClub.TheBronxNortheast,butgenerallyjustasaa vehicle, and having had a camper Mopars Club is famed (somewhat) forcamper,becauseitdidntlooklikevan before, he was doubly prepared its creed of You cant join.Thatsanything super glamorous on the out- to check things out, and he couldnt sooo New York, and it makes the clubside, but she was plenty comfy on thebelievewhathiseyesweretelling an exclusive and tightly knit bunch ofinside, a whole lot better than sleep- him.There sat this van, pretty much like-mindedguyswhoknowwhatinginatent,andmoreconvenientjustasyouseeit,withbarelyover they like, and they know who will, andthanhaulingatraileraround. That30,000 original miles on the odome-who will not, get along and play nicevan sold him on the camper vans, butter, wearing all of its original paint, the with everybody else, so its an invita- with that one being a northeast truckinterior,frontandback,werecom-tion-only group.This isnt to be snob- all its life, it had the normal problemspletely original 1977 equipment, and by,butasweveallseensomanyassociatedwiththat,namelysomejust about everything about the truck times, in-fighting in car clubs acrossrustissues,anditonlygotaboutlooked like it was six months old, not the country has led to the downfall ofseven or eight miles to the gallon, soalmost fifty-years-old!As it turns out, so many clubs we cant count themPetersoldtheAmericanClipperthe Dodge had been sold new to a all; by keeping this one exclusive tosomeyearsbackandconcentratedverycaringownerinVirginia,who the chosen few guys who generallyonhiscarsonceagain.Untilobviously used it very sparingly, and it 70 MOPAR COLLECTORS GUIDE'