b'eetLilMissLeadfoot, Melissa Wilson, who hails from HighlandLakes,NewJersey. YoumayrecallMelissafrom herentryintoDodgesChief Donut Maker contest, and my editorializingonthecontest last year.Dodges slogan for thecontestwasNeverlift, and they announced they were looking for someone who was a true Mopar enthusiast and lived life by the motto Never lift.Never lift is a racing term that means you never let your foot off the gas no matter how squirrelly the ride gets.Dodge redefined the saying for this con-testtomeannevergiveuponyourgoalsand dreams.With her third generation Mopar lineage and product knowledge of both past and present Mopars,itwasobvioustousshewasatrue Mopar enthusiast.Combine that with the broad appeal that a female racer would add to that position, and we thought her to be the perfect pick for Dodges new real-life brand ambassa-dor position.Dodge would narrow a field of thousands of entries down to just ten finalists, who would ultimately go to Phoenix and com-petefortheChiefDonutMakertitle. Imagine our surprise when MCGs pick was oneofthosefinalten!Longstoryshort, Melissa didnt win the contest, but she did win one hell of a great life experience. As she stated in her Chief Donut Maker video,shehadacquiredthenicknameLilMiss Leadfootforherrelentlessdragracingskills. After readingMCGsthoughtsonher, Melissasdad,Doug Wilson, reached out to us in regards to helping Melissa further her racing career.A meeting was set for Chryslers at Carlisle, and I had my first chance to sit down and listen to this young womans desire to drag race.If I had any doubt about what Melissa wanted to do, it was dispelled at that meeting!She and her dad were building a Super Compdragster;aclassinwhichshehadrecently acquired her license to compete all across the Northeast in2023.Amarketingpartnershipwasbrainstormed between us, and Melissa had her work cut out for her - not only did she have a dragster to finish building, but she had a new business plan to execute and still had to finish up with her senior year in college.Our next meeting would be at SEMA in Las Vegas to see if we could put something together that made sense.Im excited now to announce that Melissa Wilson willbepilotinganalcohol-injectedMaxWedgeSuper CompdragsterthatwillbeflyingtheMoparCollectors Guide and MoprTv colors in 2023!Melissa will be building herracingcareeraroundhernewbrand,LilMiss'