b'it!They invited him to bring the R/T toNorm looked over at David, and said, the Spring Fling show for display in theIlldriveit.So,Normwasback survivor area, and thats when the ideabehind the wheel for the first time in hatched to reunite Norm with his oldtwenty-seven-years!Thenitbecame car.scaryandemotional.Thememories Just before the Spring Fling,came flooding back, Norm teared up on NormarrivedinSoCalandwassur- occasion, he began streaming a torrent prisedthatDavidhadntrestoredhisof stories about the car David had never old R/T, hed just cleaned it up, and heheard before and, at first, he was driv-was also equally surprised that the fam- ingitslowlyandcautiously,butthe ily had named the car Normahelonger he drove, the more aggressively wasnt thrilled about that!Regardless,he drove, and he began to flat-out lay theyallwenttotheSpringFlinginto the carbs coming away from red together and Norm was stunned at thelightsmuch to Davids now fraying reaction.Oncepeoplefoundouthenerves!There was a quick, You might was the original owner and were blast- notwanttopushitthathard,that ing photos of it all weekend because ofHemis got 150,000 miles on it, fol-howcleanandoriginalitwas,helowed by seventy-nine-year-old Norm couldnt believe it.All these gorgeoussmiling back, Im not tromping on it, Hemi E-bodies were everywhere, andImjustacceleratinggradually.He hisoldbluedailydriverDodgewasdrove the rest of the sixty-five miles, getting all the attention!David had aand he made David pray the whole time suspicion this would happen, but Normthat an extra brake pedal would appear Spencer became something of a rockon the passengers side! star that day with his family heirloomSo, obviously the Coronet was Coronet R/T.But genuinely, the entirea big hit.The family had a spectacular weekend, Norm never understood whyreunion focused on the R/T, Norm flew people were so enamored with him andback to Idaho, and David plans to con-an old blue Dodge that had scratches ontinue using it for local cruises and car it!The biggest moment of the weekendshows,andtheressomespeculation came when it was time for the Malibuabout it heading to some of the bigger participants to go on a cruise in con- events in the East later this show sea-junction with the show.David tossedson.And interestingly, it was Davids Norm the keys and said, Youre driv- wife, Kris, who pointed out to him that ing.Surprisingly, Norm refused, andhedbarelytouchedhisCorvetteor he rode shotgun for the first three stopsCamaro since getting the Coronet, so on that cruise, but at their fourth stop atDavid now self-identifies as a Mopar The Rock Store on Mulholland Drive,guywhohappenstohaveafew Chevys, and not the other way around!Onceagain,justwhenyouthought theyd all been found, they just keep coming out of the woodwork, or in this case, out of airplane hangars!Xwww.moparcollectorsguide.com87'