b'O nce again, as he has inthelastseveral years, our own roam-ing photographer, Tim Costello, was tasked byMopartocomeupwith photos for their new 2023 cal-endar.Formanyyears, Chrysler abandoned the con-ceptofofferingofficialcal-endarsthroughtheirparts departments,butthankfully, thelong-timetraditionhas returnedandseemstobe backforgood.Whileits alwaysanhonortohave your vehicle included in one oftheofficialMoparcalen-dars,itsperhapsaneven biggerhonortobetapped astheguytoprovidethe photosforthecalendar, back-to-back-to-back.Youllrecog-nizesomeofthecarsinthe2023 Moparcalendarascarswevefea-tured in the pages of MCG, and a few arecarsthatwillbefeaturedbut haventmadeitintoourpagesjust yet.Basically, Tim submits a bunch of the photos hes taken through the yearandsubmitsthemtoMopars marketing team to look at, and they narrowitdowntotwelvecarsand trucks, and voila, you have a new cal- know the new official 2023 Moparreceived an early shipment of them endar yet again.So, while Tim does- calendar is now available for the pick- and have them in stock ready-to-go.nt get a lot of accolades for shootinging.You can try to get one of theseTogetyoursinthemail,contact these things, we wanted to throw athrough your Dodge, Chrysler, Ram,RosevilleMopartsat1-586-859-shout out to our talented friend whoor Jeep dealer at their parts counter,2600,orcheckouttheirwebsiteat spendsalotoftimephotographingor you can just get ahold of Rosevillewww.rosevillemoparts.com. Tell em cars,andtoleteveryoneoutthereMopartsupinMichigan,astheyyou saw it in MCG! www.moparcollectorsguide.com89'